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We provide the tools to successfully resolve incidents, ranging from disruptive behaviour to more serious confrontations, to deliver improvements and evidence the successful outcomes.





We encourage a holistic approach, up-skilling both the staff and participants. Using our on-line, interactive training, access to seminars and the latest information.


Participants can become the future mediators and help to develop and re-inforce the culture of stability.





This involves understanding the behaviours and emotional drivers; to feed into selecting the best solutions and the prevention of further incidents.







Mobile, web, paper-based and anonymous reporting are options.


BoT assisted chats cater for different reporting needs and can expidiate help with breakout to live operators.





Risk Assessment



Ensure the safe-being of everyone involved.


Record, evidence and analyse all escalations and other Agency involvement.








Find lasting solutions, documented in a signed 'Agreement' between the participants.


All of the input data is recorded and can be analysed for improvements in future solutions discussions.







Both mediators and the participants provide feedback for continuous improvements.





Data & Reporting



Inputs to drive change through rich empirical data.





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