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About us


Welcome to Conflict Hub.  We work with schools to help tackle disruptive behaviour and improve learning opportunities.  Our online software helps staff to manage incidents of poor behaviour, conflict, bullying and disputes.  ConflictHub is easy to learn and takes staff through a conflict resolution process to enable them to find the best solution for their pupils.  It provides staff with a clear structure to help them save time when dealing with challenging situations to prevent and resolve conflict in the school community. 


The software helps schools manage the entire conflict process to create successful resolutions. It also provides school staff with data on what types of situations are occurring in the school, and learns what the best ways in which to resolve conflict for particular students. It provides monitoring and analysis of how schools are successfully dealing with conflict which provides evidence for parents and OFSTED.


At ConflictHub we know that conflict and bullying can have an impact on pupils, school culture, and educational achievement.  ConflictHub is the first conflict resolution software that has been designed to practically help teachers and school staff in preventing and restoring the damage done by poor behaviour through conflict and bullying.


ConflictHub is a privately held company with shareholding held by leading experts, management and a very innovative software company (  

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