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Working together - ConflictHub and Schools

During the last 10 years of working in schools and colleges to address disruptive behaviour, conflict and bullying two big challenges have been present:

  1. Keeping children central in the solution

2. Implementing a consistent approach.

Working with primary, secondary, special schools and pupil referral units as well as academies has helped us to understand why these two challenges are ever present.

The first big challenge is helping staff to produce child-centred outcomes. By this we mean outcomes that benefit children and young people. By using restorative interventions, discipline becomes an opportunity for learning about recognising the impact of behaviour on the pupil and on the school community.

The second big challenge, having delivered INSET training usually before or after a holiday, has always been post-INSET days; wondering how well staff are actually using the training to produce child centred outcomes.

The team at ConflictHub have been working, in conjunction with a range of schools for over three years to develop software, based on restorative approaches, that could be easily used by teachers. This software guides teachers and school staff through every step of the conflict resolution process. This enables teachers to adopt a consistent process for finding out what happened, as well as monitoring conflict and bullying situations. Importantly for the ConflictHub team we are helping to improve the consistency of the process which will help schools to efficiently address behaviour and allow children and young people to be supported and in turn maximise their learning.

The software developed for schools has been created in such a way that schools have a complete solution to integrate into their whole school approach for addressing conflict and bullying. Schools can be confident in their behaviour management process and have the evidence to provide to pupils, staff, parents and Ofsted on the way in which they address bullying and conflict.

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