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Anti-Bullying Week 2015: Let’s make a noise!

This year anti-bullying week focused on making sure that pupils make a noise about bullying. Here at ConflictHub we believe it is important that young people have the confidence to address bullying. There are two principal ways in which this can be done.

Firstly, by being able to report incidents of bullying when pupils have been targeted. Being the target of bullying can be extremely difficult both physically and emotionally. Those involved want to tell someone about what is happening. ConflictHub have made the online reporting system as easy and user-friendly as possible, to enable young people to feel confident in letting someone know what is happening to them. We also make sure that they are able to think about what solutions they would like to put in place to help resolve the situation and prevent it happening again in the future.

Secondly, other participants need to have the confidence in their own ability to intervene. ConflictHub highlights the power of the bystander in playing an active role supporting young people who have been targeted. The reporting system allows teachers to know what is happening, reports can be given by people who may witness something as a bystander. This can be done anonymously if preferred. Pupils can safely report incidents without feeling that they are putting themselves at risk or getting someone else into trouble.

In our experience, a culture of bullying is more likely to develop when pupils do not feel safe reporting to staff. ConflictHub have invested in a confidential reporting system that automatically notifies the designated member of staff with details of what has been witnessed.

In helping schools make a noise about preventing bullying, we must find time and the capability to make sure we are listening to those young people who are most in need of help.

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